25 August 2010

I like the idea of sharing a website idea with you. What I don’t like is that writing these posts remind me of how little I write any more. Additionally, I’m not sure if I write about anything besides my kids bowel habits – obviously a constant issue at our house.

So before I share the website, I thought I’d share about my kids. While pregnant with Scott, I was adamant that we choose a name that wouldn’t be shortened into a nickname. So, he was named Scott. As soon as he was born, Scott was given lots of nicknames by yours truly. For a momma who didn’t want a nickname, I sure gave him plenty. What I didn’t want was for Scott to have a legal name but then be called by a totally different name his whole life. It was made clear to others that he was not “Scotty”. But he did manage to pick up nicknames from others. My favorite was Scotty-too-hottie.

Fast forward to child #2. I still don’t like nicknames. One of the names we discussed was Kate. I had a college girlfriend with that name and loved it. Ryan agreed on Kate yet modified my suggestion by saying we could name her Katherine and call her Kate. No way. We can name her Kate and call her Kate was my reply. She was named Bethany. A name that can be shortened but we again made it clear that her name is Bethany. Her nicknames are many.

Judah is similar. His nicknames are terms of endearment. Remember, I’m NOT a fan of nicknames. Yet I’ve managed to give each of my kids nicknames. Don’t tell Ryan but I love their nicknames. They can be Scott, Bethany and Judah to everyone else with close friends and family using their special names. The thoughts in my head today were the opposite and now I find myself wondering what that was all about.

As I was driving down the road this morning, I found myself thinking about what nicknames they’ll carry with them through life Seriously? Where did that come from? I don’t like nicknames right? As I thought through their pet names, I realized they’re just that, pet names. They’re not nicknames that they can carry with them through life. Maybe one or two of them will stick with those we’re close to and who knows maybe one day Scott will get married to a woman who calls him Scotty-too-hottie. In the mean time, we’ll just stick with their normal given names.

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Kristine said...

Hilarious. Love that you're blogging so much! And running! Me too! (well at least the running part)

And what website did you want to share? :)