23 August 2010

Night Out

Last night we went out to supper with some friends.  Prior to going, I suggested to Ryan that we might get a sitter for the kids even though 99% of the time, we go to family friendly activities.  Ryan valued his time with his little ones over having a quiet meal with some friends.  (Just one of many reasons I love my husband)


Supper with our childless friends was, at a minimum, entertaining.  It took my kids about 5 minutes to finally get seated after we arranged and re-arranged who they got to sit by.  Our meal came and we were passing plates all around after I cut up orange chicken and we got the little ones served.  Nobody spilled their drink which was nice.  Conversation was often interrupted with a comment or dirty look from one of the kids.  Bethany had the pleasure of sitting next to Jon.  Although, she wasn't so fond of Jon and would give him a glaring evil look if he would talk to her.  If he would look at her, she'd cover her face so she couldn't see him.  I wish I had my camera so I could've captured one of my daughter's favorite faces.  Video of Bethany reacting to Jon would have likely won a "funniest video" contest.  We were able to enjoy our meal and our conversations.  Of course, the 3 trips to the bathroom in 3 minutes with Bethany was beginning to test my limits. 


But even that was funny.  Her tummy hurt so she went in to empty her bladder.  Her brother had to go to so he peeked in to tell us so (I so should've closed the door all the way).  A minute later, it was a repeat of the same thing.  I so should've closed and LOCKED the door that time.  The third trip to the bathroom was annoying and funny.  I was sitting in the bathroom holding my daughter's hands (at her request) bribing her with ice-cream if she would poop on the potty.  She doesn't care about bribes.  They don't work.  But I try anyway because I'm tired of going to the bathroom 3 times.  This time Scott enters twice and I wonder who's at the table letting him walk the 10 feet to the bathroom hall.  Asking Bethany to do her business proves to be worthless.  In complete Bethany style and fashion she says "I don't want to poop on the toilet.  I need to poop on the trashcan!"  What, where did that come from aside from the fact that the trash was right next to me?  I assure her that she's a big girl and she needs to use the toilet.  Because it had a flip lid, she was sure she could poop on the other side.  Oh dear!  She's funny and she knows it.  We quickly leave the bathroom.  By now, Judah has had 3/4 of a glass of water and he's due for a bathroom break.  Ryan is at the counter paying for our nice and quiet meal out with friends so I can't even pawn it off on him this time.  I ask Jodi to keep an eye on Scott and make trip #4 to the bathroom.  I was in there so much last night, I think I have it memorized.  With a little help from Jodi, Scott didn't make a guest appearance this time.


We were on our way home and I wondered if Ryan still thought taking our kids with us was still a great idea.  Do you think he would have had a different answer if I was the kids' favorite (he currently has that title) and he was the bathroom monitor?

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