17 August 2010

First morning of the new workout routine.  I did not want to get up.  As I crawled out of bed, I heard my phone beeped to let me know I had a message.  Hmm, who's not coming?  It was my buddy who'd called and texted to let me know that she totally forgot that her husband was out of town and she couldn't very well leave the kids to go work out.  Between daydreams of crawling back in bed, I laughed at the message because I've done that more than once.  Made plans but forgot that Ryan was gone and I needed to be home with the kids. 
As I closed my phone, I looked out the window.  It was absolutely stunning.  I debated on grabbing the camera and went on with the morning routine  before deciding I had to capture this God-given sunrise.  I just brought the camera in the house Sunday night but couldn't manage to find it.  Fortunately, as I drove to town, the sunrise was in my view the whole time.  I didn't get to send the photo to my local weatherman but I was able to etch it in my mind.
I arrived at the ghetto gym and ventured downstairs.  By myself.  I figured the two other girls wouldn't be motivated to show up but I had to go down just in case.  Not wanting my arms to be too sore tomorrow, I kept the workout simple and brief.  Then I headed back out into the cool morning air to go running.  It was great.  I was done and home by 645 and though I'd missed my girlfriends, I was glad I saw the sunrise and got some exercise!

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