23 April 2010

Journey Bags

The bags are done. Yipee! I finished them up just before midnight last night. Lots of thanks are in order because I didn't do it myself!

  • Thanks to Denise: for being patient and allowing me to be working on bags while visiting. And also for getting the bags to Janel.
  • Thanks to Ryan for putting the tags on and for sewing one of the edges of a bag (he's a rockstar with a sewing machine).
  • Thanks to Aunt Janie for helping with cutting fabric and purchasing some of the canvas.
  • Thanks to mom for letting me use her sewing room and machines when I didn't want to work at home.
  • Thanks to my mother in law for helping and sharing some cute fabric.
  • Thanks to Mabels Labels for donating the awesome tags that are associated with each bag.

When all was said and done last night, I had 24 completed bags all looking different. I have been so blessed to make them for such a good cause. It has me thinking of a new little project... I'm considering making more bags. My sewing room will have to get moved from the dining room to the spare bedroom but it would work. I'd like to make and sell bags. For each bag I sell, I'll donate one to someone in need. If I go ahead and pursue this idea, you'll hear from me!

1 comment:

Martha Clark said...

Your bags are beautiful Tamara - Safe journeys! We'll be waiting for pics of your new family when you return from Ethiopia.

All of us at Mabel's Labels will be thinking of you.