06 April 2010


Yesterday I forgot all about the potato casserole for Easter dinner so it should be no surprise when my friend Jen didn't want me to bring anything for our gathering of families tomorrow night.  When I told Ryan that she wouldn't let me bring anything, his reminder of the potato casserole was humorous when he said "we'd probably forget anyway".  Yesterday that wasn't so funny, today it is!
Speaking of forgetting things, don't forget to
Buy Quilt Raffle Tickets online at
to help support our Ethiopian Adoption.

$1 buys 1 ticket
$50 buys 55 tickets
$100 buys 115 tickets

Last week I traded a haircut for that dollar value of tickets.  What a great idea!  If you would like to trade for tickets, I will pay the dollar value of your item for tickets and put your name on them!

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