02 April 2010

Late Update in Pics Plus

Okay, well I just got pictures last night from my dear friend Kara (shown below). Thanks Kara for sharing your amazing talent of photography with so many.

Would you pray for Kara, that she would be able to join us on our trip to Ethiopia. We've asked her to join us so that she can photograph our experience of adoption, teach the care-givers the basics of photography, etc. We're trusting that God will have her join us for His glory!
Back to my update of pics from our time with Isaac at the end of February. In no particular order:
Ryan and I snuggling on the couch... do I really have that double chin???

Our quick snapshot as a family... not sure what Bethany is doing but Ryan looks like he's trying not to smile.
Scott, Isaac, Bethany and Noah sporting their team Mexico soccer jerseys.

Mexico Team together again... in the US this time.

Playing in the snow, I have a wonderfully amazing hubby who carries me when I'm weak... or lazy :)

Got snow?
And a little more recently, because I've not been blogging lately:
It's been a fun but tiring week. I tried to every night for a week to fix my family supper. Ryan's the usual cook in our home. Ryan got two nights of cooking simply because of scheduling. Cooking takes time and while I've been busy in the kitchen, Ryan's been having fun playing out on the trampoline with the kids.
We had parent/teacher conference for Scott. What fun! We're proud but also realize that our child has lots of room for improvement.
Last night we had an amazing time at bible study. We talked about the last supper, the death and resurrection of Jesus, did business with God and had communion. I love that our group is close enough to have communion together.
Our house is being attacked by those crazy little asian beetles. Only near the windows... it's so frustrating. Lots of cleaning to sweep up those little buggers. Good thing is that once they get inside, they quickly die of starvation.
Today I had lunch with Lisa from www.jockandlisa.blogspot.com. It was such a blessing to meet her and her little babies that she brought home from Haiti. Our time went too fast. I look forward to meeting up with her family again sometime!
This weekend is another busy weekend. Ryan works this weekend. The kids and I are helping some friends move to Elgin. We're excited about that. I need to get food together for that. I also need to dye a few eggs for the kids, make oreo balls for Sunday, and other normal cleaning. Hoping for a long day tomorrow so I can get all those things done in time that really doesn't exist. Sunday of course we'll be celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!

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