08 April 2010

Bare Your Sole

Just one day without shoes.

Most children in developing countries grow up without owning a single pair of shoes. These children aren't out walking on four-foot wide sidewalks either. The infections and parasites that come from not having shoes is painful to see.

How many pairs shoes do you own? That you actually regularly wear??? When I answer that question for myself, it convicts me. I've already been thinking about taking my extra shoes to Ethiopia and leaving them there.

Today, I would encourage you to go without shoes to serve as a reminder of how blessed we are. Maybe you can't go all day without shoes because of your work environment. But you can spend some time today without shoes to remember all the children of the world who don't even have a simple pair of shoes. Let it not only serve as a reminder, but a call to action on our parts.

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1 comment:

Lena said...

oh my gosh...i wonder if i could do this. i'd like to try tho!