02 April 2010

Our trampoline no longer looks like this:

Friday we had a wind/rain storm around here. The protective netting acts like a sail in the wind. Our trampoline sailed away on Friday. Ryan found it down by the barns where it got caught on a "t" post. Ryan managed to drag it back up the hill to the house. The netting is destroyed but hopefully the trampoline itself can be salvaged. Scott cried and cried about it because the whole way home we'd talked about playing on the trampoline while I fixed supper.

Darn thing. It was just a few weeks old and provides lots of exercise and entertainment for my kiddos! Hopefully we get it back to working or get a new one quickly!

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Lisa said...

Oh no! This happened to us two summers ago. We got it put up and it blew away (about three lots down) two weeks later. I was in Haiti, but Kaylen and Jock were in the basement when it happened, riding out the tornado warning. Kaylen was the first to notice it gone the next morning - she'd been looking out her window at it each morning as she got dressed - she cried and cried! :(

We now have it weighed down with four 50-lb sand bags on each of the two legs that are not against our cedar fence. We also drop the netting down after each use. It hasn't moved since.