04 April 2010


Let me just say that I've had a rough few days. Do you want the details? I think not. I have too much going on and not enough time in the day. I don't like when I forget things that I'm supposed to do - like bring the potato casserole for Easter. I also don't do well when I get called names. I know, they were just playing, but I didn't care if they were just playing, I didn't feel good and didn't want to be playful.

I typically love to play and joke. It's my nature. But I've also been trying to hold my tongue. The combination of not feeling well (sinus infection???) and watching my words affected my overall attitude.

I'm learning that I have too much going on. I'm trying to cut back some. It's hard. Ryan reminded me last night that I love to do for people even when it requires me to sacrifice myself. But how much sacrifice can I give before I give too much? At one point do I take care of me?

I want to have a warm and welcome home. It's warm and I'd gladly welcome people in but I'm so behind on keeping my home, that I haven't invited anyone. Last week I made an effort to serve my hubby by making him supper. This too came with a price because after dinner I was too tired to do anything else. Laundry is still on the couch, the kids' rooms still aren't completely organized, I still have journey bags to finish, etc.

Oh how I could use a weekend to be home and do those things. But as usual, our weekends go by so quickly when you're doing a million things. Maybe I need to learn how to say "not right now, I need some time to keep my home healthy". I'd like to get back to playing my guitar, playing outside, and having clean home. Is that so much to ask?

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