16 April 2010

10 more days and I'm emotional

In ten more days we're leaving for Ethiopia. I've been busy and am getting more excited each day. I'm also a bit sad to be leaving my kids but know they'll be in good hands.

I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and I think that's increased in the last few days. God's also been softening my heart in some areas. Last night I felt so broken as I heard about a guy who's battling cancer and has a young family. I couldn't imagine what they're going through. Today, they continue to be on my mind as I pray for them.

It was an interesting day at the office. Business interspersed with time for prayer and encouragement. One guy in my office today shared with me about doing missions work in Cuba. How cool is that!?!? It's been a good time of prayer and reflection for several people today including Ryan's grandpa who had a successful gall stone removal, my little buddy M who had his adnoids and tonsils removed, my friend J who's battling and beating cancer.

I'm so thankful that we have a God who listens to our prayers.

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Chrissy said...

10 days!! WOW!
I am super excited for you guys!!
What an amazing journey! I think your emotional up and down is to be expected! Best wishes as you continue to pack and prepare!