18 April 2010

Are you Packed?

I've heard that question several times lately. No, of course I'm not packed. I have a long ways to go before I'm packed. Even if I was packed, I'd likely have to re-pack because of my OCD, and because even though I desire to pack light, I will re-define the term "light".

I haven't even pulled the suit cases out of the spare bedroom closet yet. In fact, when I cleaned the spare bedroom before church (amazing what you can get done when your kids are gone), I piled some more blankets in front of said suit cases. We have company coming this week and I figured she doesn't need all the winter blankets and I don't need to be packing while she's here. In the meantime, the corner of our sitting room (which still isn't put back together following the make-over) is being taken over with supplies for donations and for our use and consumption while gone. Pack light, pack light, pack light... I gotta get this in my head!

I did manage to borrow a few suit cases from some dear friends. I borrowed her money belt too. I'm so glad they're such a giving family. We don't have luggage that we need. I also plan to borrow the power adapter/converter from another friend which saves me some cash (thank you Jess). Now all I need is to come up with a GPS unit so I can GPS our trip and be able to plot it on a map. Anyone have a GPS they'll let us borrow?

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Sincerely, Jenni said...

What kind of GPS do you need? We have two of them, but I'm not sure how we'd one to you in time!