08 March 2010

More on Journey Bags

Well, this is the finished bag that I showed you last week. I made it for my Aunt's little granddaughter since my aunt is always making stuff for my little ones. Jennifer is about 7 months older than Bethany and I hope she likes it.
After I finished that up, it was back to the canvas bags for the kids in Samuel's village:
(let me also clarify that I am not expecting. After seeing this picture, this is definitely not my favorite shirt anymore and I'm not even sure if I wanna wear it again...)
This project wouldn't have been such smooth sailing without my helper, Aunt Janie, who helped me cut out the bags, surged the sides and argued with me about how I chose to design them. Thank you Aunt Ugly, I love you dearly!
Of course, I had two other little helpers: one of which was doing this while I was trying to work and the other who played nicely while I ignored him

As we were wrapping up our work one night, I layed what I had done so far out on the carpet to see... it's nice to see progress when you're working
Bethany proceeded to dance on the bags even though some had pins in them. When we finally got her off the bags and she wanted to show them off:

If I can get all my appointments scheduled for work today AND I can find my shopping list, I think I might take a little leave this afternoon and head over to WI to do a little grocery shopping and pick up some more canvas. After a break from sewing this weekend, it's time to warm up the sewing machine again and get the handles made for these bags...


Janel said...

Wow, I LOVE the different fabric prints!!!! Very cool!

CORI said...

The bags look great! Good job!