15 March 2010


I don't like having to work. I like serving others. Today was a little of both. I always enjoy working with one of my cattle ranchers because he challenges my intellect and makes me think outside the box. Other parts of the day were more like "work" that wasn't quite as enjoyable.

I have a new boss today. Great deal so far. One problem though is sitting with him realizing how far behind I am, how far behind we are as an office. Wishing I knew more about all the programs that I typically run but have let go of while being overwhelmed with other things.

It was a wonderful Monday at the office. Typical craziness but followed by a great weekend with my family. We had an afternoon with Ryan's family and supper on Saturday. In our time there I played outside with my kids, cut some more journey bags out and made oreo truffles. Sunday I tried really hard to make it an actual day of rest even though there were a million things I needed to get done. I snuggled with my hubby and watched a movie while the kids napped, took a long walk with the kids and played outside. Got muddy out on the swing set with the kids before we all headed inside to eat and get cleaned up. Visited with some friends for a few hours just cause. It was nice.

I managed to rest until we got home. While waiting for Scott to finish in the bathroom, I started folding a load of laundry. It turned into folding two loads and putting four away. I almost made it a whole day. It was certainly progress for me and not at all work.

I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home with my family, more laundry and working on bags after the kids go to bed... woo hoo!

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