09 March 2010

Mabel's Labels

Have you ever heard of Mabel's Labels? If not, you should totally check them out at www.mabel.ca. I first heard of Mabels Labels from my friend Jody over at www.iowageekonline.com. She made use of the labels with her kids somehow. I perused the site and thought it was cool but this thrifty mama just couldn't justify the cute labels at the time. I continue to drool over their products and hope to buy someday but for now I'm being content with money going to adoption.
Do you want to know what some of my favorite products are? The 411 wristbands are pretty cool. Do you ever take your kiddos to big public places like the zoo, the state fair, camping, the mall? These wristband labels help identify your child and give contact info so that when your child gets lost or runs off, they can contact you. How cool is that?!?!? They also have an allergy wristband. If you're little one is allergic to something or several somethings and you send him to a birthday party, to summer camp, etc. then you can add that info right to his wrist band so others can be informed of his allergy. Very cool.
Mabels Labels also has label packs. If you're extremely organized like me (or like I wish I was), there's perfect packs of labels for you. The cord control pack is my favorite. No more wrapping them with scotch tape and writing on the side to identify which cord, of the 100's we have around the house, goes to which electronic product.
The last of my favorites is an entire grouping of labels for clothes. I could have so used some of these when Scott didn't get his snowpants put back in his cubby at school and some other little guy took them home. If we would have had a label on his snow pants, that might not have happened and we certainly wouldn't have missed several good days of sledding!
The Mabels Labels products are cool. What I also appreciate about them is that they know they're generous. For example, when I was at the iblog conference last fall, Mabels Labels gave us cute little tags for our swag bags. I also appreciate their prompt response today when I contacted them with a concern. Way to go Mabel's Labels for having good customer service - something too many people lack these days. If you haven't checked out Mabel's Labels, stop on over by clicking here.

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