18 March 2010

I need to get to work...

so I'm making it whirlwind quick:

- Just read a cute phrase in relation to eating lots of fruits and veggies, the person would be a "rabitt dying for a hamburger". Thought it was funny.

- Talking to my son last night, I thanked him for doing something. His reply: "your pleasure mommy". Ah, I love the manners son but next time you should say "it was MY pleasure mommy".

- Trying to teach Bethany to pray last night, she wanted nothing to do with that. She wanted her typical cutsie prayer where she says "thank you for my mommy and daddy" and maybe adds something else in there and then says "amen". I tried getting her to pray again and asked her to obey me. She said she didn't like God. Oh Lord, that you would find humor in my two year old who doesn't know what she's saying. It was 10, I was tired, and didn't want to deal with her cuteness so I said okay, you don't want to pray? That's fine. I covered her up and walked out. she CRIED: I'm sorry momma, I want to pray. Stinker.
As this was happening, Ryan was coming in the door from church choir practice. I went back in there and prayed with her and asked her again to obey. She apoligized for being naughty and then her daddy came in and saved the day - for both of us!

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