10 March 2010

So blessed

Okay, so I thought I told you about my dear friend M, who bought me this really cool purse at www.haitiancreations.com. When I went back to link to the post, I couldn't find it so now I'm guessing that was the one time last month I got on FB and must have wrote about it there. Anyway, back to my, now new, story.

My friend M bought me this really cool purse. Yes, I know, I already told you that. It started when her SIL bought her a purse from the same ministry. It's a very cool purse and I had commented on my appreciation of the purse. Well, with my birthday coming up coupled with the fact that the proceeds go back to women in Haiti (where M was born as a missionary kid), M decided to buy me a purse. It was very thoughtful but to M, the thoughtfullness of the gift didn't cover over the fact that she didn't like the bag at all. In fact, she wanted to cry. She was so dissapointed. She even offerred to just order me a new one. I took the gift she ordered, did a little cleaning up with my seam-ripper and voila, I had my own Haitiancreations bag. Not near as cute as M's, but such a cool gesture in multiple ways.

That was a few weeks ago.

Last night, M also took me out for dinner and had even arranged a sitter for our kids. We chatted over Chinese food. She picked up the tab even though I didn't agree with her doing that after buying my bag. It felt so wonderful to be spoiled by a friend. I do occasionally get that from Ryan and other family and I appreciate that, but it was different when it came from one of my buddies!

Thanks M. We should do this again before your birthday in July.

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