04 March 2010

Lunch Break

Some thoughts real quick that are circling in my chaotic mind:
  1. Had our "carpeted room" wood floor redone finally. We pulled the carpet up last July and have been waiting on the guy to refinish which we said he could do at his convenience. The floor is looking awesome and it wasn't even done yet. I wanted to lay on it. Bethany danced on it. Beautiful!
  2. I have 15 of the journey bags partially done. All I need to do is add the handles and sew a quick corner on the bottom to give them depth. Woo hoo! With that in mind, I need to get more canvas to finish the project which I hope is easy to accomplish.
  3. Bible study is tonight. That means its Thursday. After being up till 11pm last night and getting up at 510 this morning, I could use a nap. But alas, I'm alive, I'm awake and I feel great!
  4. Made a batch of kombucha. The first batch I've made in months. Taste tested it the other day and didn't think it was quite finished. Tasting it again last night it still wasn't done... and then I realized it's missing the carbonation cause I need to put it in jars. Will do that tonight hopefully.
  5. I'm going to Iowa City this weekend to see the optometrist and hang out with Ryan's cousin. Our kids are close in age so it hopefully proves fun for all of us :)

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Janel said...

What is kombucha? Did I miss a post on that? Sounds interesting!