22 March 2010

What a weekend!

Our weekend was full of random activity. Tiring but enjoyable. Busy but relaxing.

Friday was Ryan's birthday. The evening was a bit of a rush having left work early. I grabbed the kids, ran home, picked up Ryan, and headed to The Barrell Drive-In. It's always a treat to go there and since it was Ryan's birthday, it was the perfect place. Since we were having a late supper with some friends, Ryan and I had a snack and ice-cream and the kids had their usual hamburgers.

We left The Barrell and headed to our friends house where we all gathered together with two of the international students for Nigerian food night. It's always interesting when you have food from another culture. When I taste tested the chicken half way the process, it had good flavor with a fishy after taste. I must say that ground crayfish, canned mackeral, and some other Nigerian additions weren't my type of meal. I certainly didn't enjoy the meal quite like Ryan who ate the meat dish and Tom who ate two bowls of it! It was great to interact with the guys and Michelle got some excellent video of them which was fun.

Saturday I spent the morning hanging out with my kids: reading books, giving Scott a haircut, etc. Around noon we headed to mom's. Bethany was entertained with sweet slumber while I worked on journey bags and Scott played in the floor. Mona (my friend Nick's mom) came over around 2pm and helped me for a few hours with my not-so-little project. That was really cool to have her help since I hardly even know her!

I had so much going on this weekend that I don't even remember the details of Saturday evening. At the clinic, we packed up the kids' big trampoline that dad bought them for Christmas. It's in the back of the van and needs to be put up so the kids can burn off some of their wild energy! After my family settled into bed, I headed downstairs and started on another bag. This time, it's for me. I made it different than the others and hopefully that bag will get finished and make it's debut here on my blog in the next few weeks. When I finally decided that I should head to bed, it was midnight!

Thank you honey for letting me sleep in on Sunday morning.

I skipped out on Discipleship Hour but made it to church. Wild ones in tow and apparently NOT on their best bahavior. Scott even got to leave the sanctuary to have a little chat in the bathroom regarding his behavior. Following church I headed back to mom's and continued working on bags. Cutting the strips out for the handles, I made one mistake that cost me some time for sure! But that's no big deal and the handles are coming together well. I was able to finish 4 bags before leaving to hear a wildlife imitator.

What's a wildlife imitator you say? First off, he's Jess' dad. But he's also a very cool guy that makes lots of weird animal noises. Picture being in Hollywood, getting ready to go on the Letterman show, standing outside a ritzy hotel and all of a sudden, this wildlife nut from Missouri starts calling in the crows that are up in the palm trees. The crows came in like crazy and other people were a little nervous about all the birds. He's amazing at what he does and is a wonderful story teller. I had a blast hearing him. Check him out online at www.ralphduren.com or check out his videos on you tube. He's worth the time for sure!

We got home last night after a fun but late night. Gave the kids cake for supper (it was healthy cake) and put them in bed. Though I really wanted to go downstairs, I headed to bed too. So much for my goal of getting a good night of sleep, that didn't happen. We'll see how the work day goes today!

Also, wanna mention that I love to see how God shows up. Our church purchased a building recently. We put it to the congregation to raise money for the building. We prayed about it and asked God to show up. Man, oh man. At our special offerring yesterday, we were able to exceed the goal for the congregation. How cool is that? I'm so thankful to be a part of that. And also thankful for the humbling that I received knowing that God didn't need my measly gift to help meet the goal. He exceeded it, He's God. Yes, Lord, thank you for keeping me humble!

Okay, better get ready for the day! Things at work are major crazy with 10 days to finish contracts we've not started on... yikes!

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