06 March 2010


My friend high school friend, Donny Querin, past away yesterday. It was a courageous and inspiring battle with leukemia. For those of my Kingsburg friends who know him and want to read more, check out the web page where his mom was keeping people updated: http://www.abbasheart.com/donnyupdate4.asp

Donny was a wonderful friend starting in our elementary years. We lived near each other and in junior high we walked home together. I remember his parents building the new house, I remember running through the vineyards on our walk home. As we grew and matured a little bit, I remember watching him work on his pickup with such dedication and interest. But most importantly I remember my friend Donny leaving home to spend a month or so in Africa serving others. It was an amazing experience for him and for me. I got to watch from the outside as he prepared to go and then meet him the night he returned home. I remember the stories of reaching out, trading with the natives, etc. It was Donny's influence that tapped my interest for going to Africa someday. His example, and that of his family, was definitely an encouragement in my decision to do mission work abroad.

Though I hadn't seen my friend since high school, his friendship and his life continue to impact mine. It has been a joy to watch him walk with Jesus through excruciating pain of leukemia and the problems that were associated with that. He told his mom recently that "I just wanted to be sure that God will be able to tell me I did everything He told me to do. I don’t expect Him to tell me I did it good, but I do want to know that I tried and I want Him to know that I did my best.” What an amazing man of God.

Donny, I'm guessing that as you stepped into the presence of our most Holy God, that He did say "well done my good and faithful servant."


Patty said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Donny sounds like an amazing friend and such an inspiration to others. Praying for peace today for his family and friends.

Beth said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. He sounds like a wonderful child of God. Our prayers go out to all his family and friends.

Anonymous said...

HI~ Donny is my brother. I appreciate you. Thank you for your words ~ <3

Anonymous said...

Yes, we continue to miss our boy, but rejoice in his great influence in the Lord. What a treasure he was, what a fast flame. Thanks for knowing him and loving him and remembering him. Precious words... never get old.
Donny's Mom, Sandi