23 March 2010


My dad bought the kids a trampoline for Christmas. Since we are no longer covered in snow, we put the trampoline together for the kids last night. They were so excited that they circled around us the entire time asking if it was done yet. The neighbor boy was even there to play and they played on the swingset/treehouse for all of 3 minutes before circling around us again like a pack of wolves.

It was freezing cold last night when we finally finished but that didn't bother my kids. Bethany climbed onto the trampoline and pulled her socks right off. The high 30's temp didn't seem to bother her at all. I, on the other hand, was shivering so I climbed on to warm up. Bethany informed me that she didn't want me jumping, that it is her trampoline.

Thank you Dad for buying Bethany (and the rest of our family) a trampoline.

Scott has already invited Aaron over to jump tonight and is planning his first camp-out on the trampoline!

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Patty said...

How cute! We never had a trampoline growing up but I remember always wanting one! Look forward to all the fun stories of the kiddos enjoying the tampoline into the summer months!