05 March 2010


This drink has grown on me. The first taste I had of it was not good. But I tried it again. It's an aquired taste for sure. Kombucha can be bought in health food stores or brewed in your own home. It's a fermented tea. A bacteria/yeast scoby added to a super sweetened tea and left to ferment. The scoby eats the sugar and leave you with a drink full of probiotics. Some claim that kombucha helps with digestion, and other things I can't remember right now cause I'm tired :)

I started drinking kombucha less than a year ago. My health-conscious brother in law brews his own and got me started. I took a break this winter cause of the craziness of life and finally "canned" another batch. I can't wait for it to carbonate some and I can drink it.

Kombucha may sound crazy. Don't knock it until you try it.

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CORI said...

I LOVE kombucha!!!