08 March 2010

Weekend Fun

For some odd reason, my body is begging for a break but I keep on movin' and God keeps sustaining!

It started with a quiet night Friday. Popped Monsters Inc in for the kids and had popcorn and potato chips for supper. Once they went to bed, I sifted through all of Scott's old clothes to see what could be used for boy #2.

Saturday morning we stopped at mom's for breakfast and hung out with Aunt Janie for a little bit before saying goodbye to her and hitting the road ourselves. We were off to spend a short weekend with Tera and family in Iowa City. Arriving with our McD's bag in hand, we had a few bites before we headed to the mall.

Only we weren't there for the mall, but for my eye doc appointment with Dr. O'Neill at Mc Donald Optical. I couldn't recommend him enough. He was wonderful at asking questions, explaining what he was doing, asking for questions, clarifying issues, etc. I wouldn't typically drive 2 hours for an eye doc but I was so sick of not receiving help with my current guy. In a 20 minute exam, I learned lots about my eyes and specifically why I was having problems with my contacts. Dr. O'Neill was easy to understand, spoke in layman's terms and very genuine. I walked out with a new pair of contacts and a place I'd be willing to come back to. When you're in customer serving, it's important to feel like you were served. The staff at McDonald Optical did just that. (Let me also share that Tera is the office manager there so they already knew of my complaints, had a general idea of my prescription, and had my paperwork all filled out for me. All I had to do was give them my insurance card).

While I was in my appointment, Tera took the 3 kids for ice-cream. Their faces looked like they enjoyed it but it was a moment in my memory cause I didn't have my camera.

From there we hauled the 3 napless kids to Kohl's and then over to Old Navy for some clearance rack shopping. I had to wonder over to the sale racks too since spring is coming and my darling Bethany has nothing cute to wear. I also realized that though brown colors look good on my pale kids, it likely won't be the color of choice for A. At both places I felt like I got good deals but nothing GREAT.

We spent the evening hanging out. I played with baby Gavin while the 3 other kids played and watched a movie. It was nice to catch up with Tera and Kevin a bit. I learned two important things on Saturday night:
  1. Fruit punch spilled all over pizza is NOT going to be the new thing.
  2. Just because the bed is big enough, it doesn't mean you should try to sleep with two kids - the couch would have provided much more rest!

Starting out Sunday morning was way too early. Bethany moved ALL night long and every half an hour let out a painful scream. She must have had a gassy belly like me so I gave her the one drink that was left of my pop on the night stand. Scott fell off the bed once and had a bad dream later so I was awake twice with him too. Needless to say 630am came way too early!

I must be glutton for punishment because I had two kids who hadn't napped the day before, didn't sleep well during the night, and weren't going to have a nap that day but I decided to take them shopping anyway. And not normal shopping either. By normal, I mean a store with carts and fairly wide rows where you can confine the child and keep them from grabbing at everything even if they are whining the whole time! Nope, we went to the outlet mall. Fortunately I found great deals here but we all had to deal with my two plus Tera's son's cranky attitude. Not so much fun! And who knew that at McD's you could wait over 15 minutes to get your oder at 2 in the afternoon!

When we finally left at 4pm, Bethany fell asleep shortly after and Scott played with his new happymeal toys. Tera was probably glad to see the cranky kids go! Bethany slept the entire drive home and I was thankful!!!

My kids, all 3 of them, now have some clothes for the coming months. Hopefully that will be enough to get them through the coming months cause every penny needs to be going towards adoption at this point. Whew, I'll be so glad to not have that financial anxiety hanging over my head anymore!

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Fantastagirl said...

I'm glad you found a good eye doctor! I went to a new one in Feb and just loved the office staff, the assistants, and the doctors - in the W'loo area. They were awesome - and I'm picky about my eye doctor.

Hope you enjoy your new contacts!