30 September 2010

Bloody Bethany

Tuesday night as Bethany was sneaking her hand into a frito bag, she tripped over my foot and fell into the turkey fryer that was waiting to go to the basement.  She cried and I picked her up thinking "that'll teach you to ask instead of sneaking your hand in".  Little did I know.  As I carried her toward the counter she was snuggled against my chest crying.  As I came around the corner and her dad got one look at her, he said something that caught my attention.  I immediately looked down and saw my daughter's bloody face.  At first we couldn't even tell where she was bleeding from because it was everywhere.  In a bit of a panic, I said I didn't know what to do but then wouldn't get out of Ryan's way to let him attend to her.  We got her cleaned up, snuggled in my lap and ice on her forehead.  When the bleeding stopped, Ryan as Bethany says "glued me  back together".  We're still not exactly sure how the gash got there but we're guessing the lid came up and the handle caught her forehead.  Ouch. 
It was not what any of us planned with our evening.  We ended up finishing the evening on the couch and eating popcorn for supper.  How's that for a meal?  As for my little Princess, do you think she learned her lesson?  Probably not.  However, I learned two things that night: 1. head wounds bleed A LOT and  2. check your kiddos face for blood before you hold her close (against your new shirt).
from the bestest mom ever - although my daughter might not agree right now...

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Jody said...

Head wounds are scary! So glad she's ok. And, yes, she'll forget it before you will and repeat the drama. :)