14 September 2010

what would you do if your kiddo had been sick, of the puking kind, and still wasn't 100% and complained about not feeling the greatest?
This parent, and the other one, thought it was a ploy to stay at home with mom and dad.  Or a ploy to stay home and watch television ALL day.  So we explained that he needed to go to school if he felt okay and promptly sent him to the truck.  With an ice-cream bucket just in case!
What would you do?

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Lisa said...

For my kids, if they're eating normally, and they don't have a fever, they go. Our oldest has tried the "I don't feel good" ploy to stay home many-a-time, and the response is, if you're home you rest, you take a nap after a boring lunch, you don't get candy/sugar/desserts, and we don't watch TV all day-we mostly read books when we're awake because Mom and Dad have stuff we have to get done. If she's truly not sick, she suddenly feels better by the time breakfast is over and gets ready to go to school because that's more fun than reading/napping all day. School will call if they get worse again. But yes, keep the ice cream bucket handy always! :)