22 September 2010


Judah is no longer an orphan. Can I get an Amen on that?!?! But there are many who are. Local children orphaned and living through the system. International children orphaned and growing up in the system as well. I feel sorry for the kids here in our own backyard who are orphaned. They need parents. They need a stable home. Even so, I’m drawn to international orphans. Since I got this question many times in our adoption process, I thought you might also wonder why we didn’t adopt a child through foster care. There are kids right here in my own county, after all. Well here’s one reason I’m drawn to these international kids.

In our backyard, we have things such as welfare and other government aid. We have loving foster care families (which there are not enough of I’m sure). For a child to starve to death in our country is unlikely. In third world countries, they don’t have the government programs. There are children and whole families literally starving because they don’t have the means to provide the next meal. It’s not just something we read about or see on television, it’s day-to-day living for some and I’ve seen it a tiny glimpse of it first hand. And so, I snuggle my three little ones tight and check out these precious children who need parents like you and me.

Because I adopted through Holt International and am familiar with their website, I choose to view their waiting children from Ethiopia. But there are waiting children in lots of other countries through many other ethical agencies. I would challenge you to consider being that loving family for a child in need. If you’re one of the few who will take that challenge seriously and then come up with a hand full of excuses, much like I did at one time, start somewhere. Support a child through Compassion International, be a mentor to a child in a single parent home. Need ideas? Email me and I could give you a list of them.

***this is my website Wednesday post.

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