22 September 2010

I feel like I've had nothing to write about.  Now all of a sudden, I have several things that might be worth sharing.
New Cow Hide Rug
I have a big, old, hereford hide on my living room floor.  It's showing some wear and starting to bald in areas.  I've entertained the idea of a new one.  Then yesterday while talking to a taxidermist, some how it came up that he had the hide of a heifer.  He tanned it himself and had no plans to sell it or do anything with it.  So last night after work, I stopped out at his shop where he pulled the hide off the wall, rolled it up and carried it outside to my van.  I was like a little kid at Christmas and had to call Ryan right away to tell him about it.  I like my new rug and especially liked the price!  I couldn't replace the hide in my living room so the new hide has found a home in my bedroom!  I'm already scheming on having him tan a sheep hide or something like that for my kids in the future...
Check Engine Light
Seriously, our van just came out of the shop earlier this month.  It wasn't a cheap fix.  Friday my check engine light came on.  I was frustrated at paying for another fix.  I'm thankful that we're able to afford the fixes with our emergency fund.  So, I took my van to Kurt's, my trusted and wonderful mechanic.  He called me later to let me know that he reset the light for now (who knew getting gas while the engine was running would kick the light on???) and said if it comes back on, then he'll run more tests.  Well, that was a much better deal than I was expecting.  Please light, please stay off.
White Cross Service Project
Last night our family joined up with a few hours to work on a project that benefits a hospital in Cameroon where our church supports a missionary.  Ryan and the kids rolled bandages, a few of us cut out baby jackets, blankets, and diapers from the flannel fabric.  Others stacked bandages in piles of 25 and sewed them together.  It was fun and I was thrilled to see my whole family participate.  Unfortunately my plan to take pictures failed when I realized my camera was at home. 
This coming weekend
I'm looking forward to the coming weekend.  I'm getting a day away to Ames to hang out with my friend Michelle.  Whether we go out for cofee or sit around the house, I'm excited to see my friend.  I also get to attend church with her family which will be sweet!

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