21 September 2010

Facebook status

I recently had this facebook status that was impressive to one dear friend.  Her comment on my status was:
 "My goal is to be as productive as you when you're not feeling well! Crazy!"
And here was my reply back to her via email:
Just to set the record straight, I felt fine on Saturday.  It was my daughter who was yucky that day.  It all caught up with me on Sunday though.  Yesterday I got NOTHING accomplished all day.  My daughter went to church looking like a rag doll, none of my kids had baths, we had macncheese with weenies for lunch and popcorn for supper.  Don't be fooled - I am no super woman!
I've had a household of sick people for 10 days or so.  Sometimes constant (ie: two puking at once) and sometimes we get a break.  Saturday we got a break which was a nice change of pace.  I think the Lord knew I had 5 buckets of apples to deal with and was glad I was wanting to get them canned as a means of saving money and having more food in our house. 
As you already read, I needed and took advantage of a day of rest.  Last night, I had to catch back up.  After work the kids and I went for a walk where we managed to find our neighbor boy.  The kids played outside while I worked on dishes and fed them corn dogs on the trampoline.  Then we walked our neighbor back to his house and headed home for drinks and a bath.  Studly husband of mine bathed all three kids since I was whipped and hardly had the energy to walk up the stairs. We got the kids lotioned, dressed, read to, prayed for, tucked in and settled before we headed back down to tag team the rest of the dishes.  Whew!  Thank you Ryan!!! 
On tonights agenda: service project at the church where we'll be cutting out fabric to make baby blankets, jackets and diapers to go to a hospital in Cameroon where some of our missionaries serve.  I'm super excited about that... even though I still have 2 buckets of apples to deal with!

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