10 September 2010

It’s Thursday night. Bible Study night for our family. Tonight is the fall kick-off for the young adult small groups, commonly referred to as OverFlow. Eager to hang out with friends from all 3 groups, we hurried home, tossed a frozen pizza in the oven and herded the kids to the table. The typical kid drama unfolded – Bethany didn’t want to sit at the table and said her tummy hurt, Scott immediately said the same thing, and Judah reached for his drink with his mouth literally shoved full of food while Ryan and I had a quick bite to eat thankful that we were at least together as a family.

We then herded our wild and busy children out to the van but not before Scott had to change his pants, Bethany had to go back upstairs for her shoes and Dora pajamas and then grab some marshmallows for her friends and put it all in her bag, and we had to figure out where Judah took off his socks and shoes while he headed out to the van barefoot.

We arrived at our friends house where the two families would leave the kids and go enjoy some social time with friends. There was just one, no two, big problems… as we walked into the house the kids scattered. Except Scott, he was in slow motion and then he Scott puked all over the wood floor. As I picked him up under his arms to rush him to the bathroom, he puked all over again. Yuck. I rushed him to the front door and out on the lawn which was closer than the nice clean and cute bathroom. I left him on the lawn for Ryan to tend to and went back in to clean up. I felt bad that Scott had said his tummy hurt. When Scott reminded Ryan that he’d said his tummy hurt, Ryan took the time to remind Scott that we often hear “my tummy hurts” when the kids don’t want to eat and so we’ve learned their little trick and don’t believe them. Maybe this will be a good lesson in honesty. That was the first problem and there were two.

As we finished cleaning up Jen realized that the kid-sitter was now super late. Ends up that our sitter forgot and was out of town. That stinks. In the end, I headed home with my three kiddos, one of which was holding an ice-cream bucket just in case. Jen and family went to the social, taking along their kids and my hubby. As we got home and out of the van, Scott was clutching the bucket and then proceeded to puke several times more.

My thoughts of “something upset his tummy and now he got it out of his system” quickly vanished. We cleaned out the bucket and have kept it close as we all snuggle in my bed and watch the Veggie Tale: Joshua and the Big Wall. Judah has fallen asleep at the end of the bed while he was putting his shirt on. He’s laying at the end of the bed with one arm half way into his pajama shirt. Scott is snuggled next to me not about to take his eyes of that movie. Bethany has whined (we’re still working on using her big girl voice and I think I’m working on it more than she but that’s another story) about being hungry. I carried her downstairs and turned on the lights so she could finish her cold pizza from earlier. As I type this, her strong voice carried up the stairs and I just heard her tell me that she peed. Seriously? A puking son wasn’t enough tonight? Now I have to clean another wood floor, this one covered in urine. Thank you Jesus for my children, for they truly are a blessing, even when they’re puking and peeing all over. I’m headed downstairs.

Back now and Judah is still asleep and movie menu is on repeat. That’s movie music is annoying but at least my kids are quiet. Ryan just walked in the door with the camera so we took a few pics of our youngest sleeping child. I was thinking this was a post where pictures weren’t appropriate. But, now I can at least share one of our half dressed sleeping child.

And for future reference my sweet husband, next time I’ll volunteer you to take the kids home instead of volunteering myself.

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