20 September 2010

Apple Pickin'

On Friday night, I took the kids up to the apple orchard for some apple pickin' at Vern and Janine's. They're such nice people and I really like their organic apples that we've gotten.
Each of the kiddos picked a few apples. This little cutie kept trying to pick up the yucky ones on the ground when plenty nice ones were hanging on the tree.
This little one was picking with her Grandma and I didn't get many pictures of them. What I got though shows my wild girl with her wild hair.

My sweet oldest son so doesn't have hops but he tried jumping to reach them anyway. Bless his little heart. He was a great helper and a thoughtful child.

We picked 5 buckets of apples. Spent the day Saturday peeling and canning apple pie filling. I counted 42 quarts and still have 2 buckets left over. Yikes!

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