26 September 2010

Love it!

This weekend has blessed me.

We came to Altoona on Friday night. For those who saw my facebook post of Ryan saying "when my wife is on her period, you'll never know if she'll laugh, flip me off, or come at you with a butcher knife" know that our weekend didn't start so smoothly. But the PMSing was gone by Saturday morning. I spent a very short time with Ryan's family Saturday morning at G&G's house in Prairie City... dug through a few boxes in the garage, checked out the empty house and tried to stay out of the rain. Just before noon on Saturday I left PC and headed to Michelle's.

I was disspointed that the other girls couldn't join us after all but super excited to hang out with Michelle and not have to share. I took the poor girl out shopping even though she'd just run 18 miles. It was fun to shop for myself. I even got to check out the fair trade store in Ames and managed to only walk out with a necklace even though I really wanted to buy several things. Michelle and I chatted and played with the kids. It was encouraging to hang out with my friend, just doing normal things. We had a great conversation about pride and confessing sin and I'm looking forward to being more aware of my pride issues.

This morning I participated in worship at Cornerstone. It was great to be fed, and to hear God's Word. The way they set up their worship service is amazing. Now I'm back in Altoona where it's nice and quiet. And pretty soon everyone will be here to celebrate Grandpa's 90th birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

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