03 September 2010

Another Headache...grr

I've had lots of little headaches this week... some are worth it, some aren't.  See if you can figure out which ones are which:
-  I learned this week to approach my daughter with "use your big girl voice" rather than telling her to "quit whining".  So far, it hasn't worked but I'm going to keep trying.
-  Driving home from Kansas City took almost 12 hours, not 7.  However, we did make several extra stops, some of which were out of the way to visit Ryan's grandparents, to go grocery shopping, etc.
-  Got little sleep one night thanks to a late night caramel frappucino and a middle of the night health incident with one of the kids that required bathing, cleaning the toilet with bleach, and laundering rugs.
-  Had a crazy few moments of planning a hymn sing with some older folks in our church.  If I would have remembered to plan it while I was gone to Kansas, I wouldn't have been stressed or stressed out my friends.  The sing along was amazing by the way.
-  Drove my van home (25 miles) without power steering all while having the craziness of the sing-along plans (you try driving with one hand without power steering).  Half way home my husband gently reminded me that I had power steering fluid in my van... doh!  Didn't stop though cause it was raining and I had on light khaki's.  Re-filled power steering fluid at mom's.  It promptly leaked out.  Drove home, then to pick up one of my favorite "old ladies" then back to town to sing, then back home - all with no power steering.  Decided I could drive it without power steering, I'm a tough girl.
 -  Drove to work without power steering and decided I should at least have it looked at.  My rack-and-pinion (however that is spelled) is shot.  Needs replaced.  Cost $550+.  Asked if I could just drive it that way.  Unless I want to spend another $400 for the power steering pump, I should not drive it.  I borrowed the loaner vehicle and asked Kurt to order the part.
I still have a headache.  I could use some fresh fruit, some popcorn and some time chillin' on the couch with Ryan and the kids!

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