15 September 2010

Ethiopian Crosses

I really like these things. I like them more that I know a little about them. I heard somewhat recently that the different style of crosses have meaning. Or better put, that each tribe has its own cross. While in Ethiopia, I saw many of these different styles of crosses. I brought a few of them home. Some of them wooden to hang on the wall and some of them in the form of jewelry. For those who know me, I’m not a huge jewelry fan (unless it comes from my favorite jeweler aka my father in law). But I really, really like my Ethiopian cross. Now, I just wish I had a few more to wear with different clothing I have. The orange colored beads are okay, but they certainly don’t go with anything.

Not only would I like a new cross, but I also want a few to give as gifts. When I came home and showed them to my mom, she asked if I got one for her. Umm, no. Now I wish I had bought one for mom too. Today, I emailed Jodi who leaves for Ethiopia this week. I just about begged her to get me a few crosses. Now I know she’s not going to Ethiopia to shop for me, but I’m hoping she’ll make it over to the bead shop and remember me. After all, it’s more likely that I’ll get Ethiopian cross necklaces from Jodi than I would having a chance to fly over to Ethiopia to go shopping.

So there you have it. My favorite item right now. Next new item I want is recycled magazine bead necklaces from 147million Orphans. If you want a bead necklace, go on over and order one, it supports a good cause. If you want an Ethiopian cross, I can’t help you out. If you’re getting ready to go to Ethiopia and want to pick me up a few necklaces, I would love that, so please email me.

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