04 October 2010

You Know it's Monday Morning When...

- You can't manage to drag your butt out of bed early.
- Water pressure in the shower stinks (wait, that's daily right now...)
- Hubby makes you breakfast but you forget about it until 5 before you get to your office.  A cold egg muffin sandwich is still good even when it's cold.
- You see that your son forgot his breakfast on the counter and then you forget it too.
- You tell the kids to go get in the van and walk out 4 minutes later to the honking of a horn.  Scott in the driver's seat (big no-no at our house), with the windows down, Bethany in the back seat trying to climb in her carseat in her winter coat with her back pack on and her flip flops over her socks but on the wrong feet.  And Judah, he's wandering around the oustide of the van cause Bethany wouldn't let him in.
- Driving down the road Bethany realizes she forgot her hot chocolate in the house. Whining begins.  Scott tells me he's hungry and I feel bad but think this might be a good lesson for him.
- Realize after dropping the kids off that I forgot to leave Scott's carseat.  Shoot.  Thanks to superDad, Scott will have a carseat in a few minutes.
- While pulling over to call Ryan (why drive farther down the road if I'll have to turn around), my hot chocolate spills in the crotch of my pants.  I frantically dig out a napkin but it proves to be of little use. I'm already late to work, should I turn around to go home and change?
And the best part about my day so far (besides my rockstar hubby) was that while pulled over digging my phone out and spilling my hot chocolate, a state patrol car drove by me.  You know what that means?  It means that I didn't get pulled over for driving *slightly* over the speed limit after my crazy start to the day.  And because I'm thankful that I met the trooper while I was stopped on the side of the road, I guess I'm okay with the hot chocolate that spilled...
Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I had not heard the story about the kids outside in the van. Now I'm crying I was laughing so hard.