12 October 2010

More to Life

Why is it that my my life at home seems to revolve around my kids bowel issues? I feel like that’s all I have to talk about sometimes. Really, isn’t there more to life than my kids’ stinky drama?

Seriously, making the story brief, I’ll share my morning so far. I took the *4* kids to the park to meet up with a friend. While there, Judah had to pee which he managed to get all over himself. Bethany had to pee so she popped a squat right out in the open. Scott, he was the only one who was taken to the bathroom 100 yards away because he had #2 issues. Not just once, but twice.

Now, this is the most frustrating thing in our family. Seriously, it’s annoying! Why can’t my kids, especially my 5 year old go like normal? He goes through multiple pairs of undies a day because he won’t even try to push poop out. Even when I take him every hour. He must like sitting there for 20 minutes! Thankfully, Bethany is outgrowing her issues. She has been going like a big girl for a few weeks now. This is not me bragging. After all, she is 3 years and 3 months old. This is me falling on my knees thanking God for the little things - including my daughter’s potty issues.

I know that my kids grow too fast and I’m going to miss the snuggle stage of my little ones. But for now, I look forward to getting beyond these issues. This too shall pass - quite literally I’m sure.

* any reference to 4 kids = my three plus my neighbor boy. Usually Scott is down at their house, or he’s up at ours a couple times a week.

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