12 October 2010

A few pictures

*** I started this post a week ago and blogger didn't like me that day. So, here it is:

I haven’t had much time to play on the internet. That means I haven’t kept up with blogs, haven’t posted pics to facebook, haven’t blogged much, or taken care of several other things. Well, real quick I just want to share a few random pictures with you.

From Grandpa’s 90th birthday celebration:

Scott telling his Great Grandma what he’s been learning in school
Bethany and Judah not doing a good job of posing for a picture. Bethany is being sweet with Judah so I’ll take that!

From our short trip to Kahler’s Korner pumpkin patch:
The dog that tortured and then played with the kids.

Trying to get a group shot but Scott was cold and almost shivering and Bethany was trying to get her hands in her pocket.

Bethany sitting with the squash.

I can at least get Judah to crack a smile

Last night the kids playing Mancala:
Eating a sucker and playing. I had sticky rocks when they were done.

Bethany showing off for the camera making spooky faces.

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