31 October 2010

Guess where we went this weekend

Maybe you can tell by this photo:

My kids were very excited to see and hear this coming around the corner:

Before the kids climbed in the combine and tractor, I was able to catch a few pictures

I can’t help but look at this picture and imagine it being his senior picture.

My sweet son... well, most of the time he's sweet.

my oh, so photogenic one. To give her a little credit, she had a nasty rash, a shot of benadryl and we were missing her nap time.
Bethany and her grandma being silly.

After Dan unloaded the grain cart into the semi, he quickly explained a few things to Eunice, who was also getting her first ride in a combine.

Then it was time for the kids to get in the combine. MaryAnn tried to get Scott to ride in the tractor with her be he assured her that he preferred the combine.

After a while, it was Judah’s turn to get in the combine. Bethany climbed out of the combine and into the tractor with her buddy MaryAnn (and me)

It becomes a little crowded in a combine with two adults and two children. Likewise, it becomes a little crowded in a tractor with two adults and one child. I’m really, really thankful for the Donlons taking time out of their busy harvest schedule to let us invade their lives for a few hours!

And just to show you again, getting a good picture of all 3 kids is about impossible:

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jerelyn said...

Ummm...when did your little ones get so big??? I need to check in more often. So cute! Beautiful family. :-)