20 October 2010

Fishing at the Donlon's

Mmm, I love me some old fashioned fun of fishing in a farm pond!

And I love this picture of my studly husband carrying a picnic bag on his shoulder and leading his little flock down to the fishing pond. He's yummy!

And this is Dan. I work with Dan and his wife on occassion at the office. He's told me that I can bring the kids out fishing in the pond any time. I finally took them up on that offer. Here's Dan getting ready to fish. How long do you think he'll do that before he's distracted by my three little ones???

My little fisherman with a smile on his face. The smile didn't stick around long when it got dark and he hadn't caught anything...

Meanwhile, his little sister who didn't even care much about fishing had caught TWO and had both D&M helping her out as she screamed with excitement.
And here's my youngest little fisherman. He doesn't quite have it down yet. Which is why he can be found most evenings practicing casting his line with Scott's old Mickey Mouse pole. He'll understand the concept soon. Until then he'll keep smiling and giggling and I'll keep untangling.

We had a great time at D&M's fishing with them. It's nice to have neighborly people who take time to do the simple things. Their willingness to take time away from harvest (which was yesterday's post) to entertain a busy little family like ours is much appreciated. Next time D&M, we'll try to plan a little better so we can have more time to fish while it's light out.
For those of you wishing you had these beautiful views and great fishing time, buy a license online at http://www.takemefishing.org/. You can even buy them as a gift for someone else since Christmas is coming up...
*this is a website wednesday link in case you wanted to know :)

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