28 October 2010

more on the weather

I just looked outside.  It's a blamy 61 degrees.  It's beautiful outside... perfect weather for having company and hanging out. 
Oh, wait, that just made me think of Shonda's comment from yesterday.  Shonda, it would be a perfect time for you to come visit.  You guys should jump in the big 'ol van and come on up next weekend to visit.  I promise not to take you stompin' through poop this time.  Instead we can check out the fall leaves (there surely wasn't enough wind yesterday to knock any off) at Pike's Peak State Park, take a ride in the combine and enjoy a little bit of farm life.  This time, I even have amazing water pressure so rest assured your shower will be better! 
And by the way, don't look at www.weather.com or you'll know I'm completely lying about today's weather.  Next week's is supposed to be nice though :)


1 comment:

Shonda said...

hmmmm. Sorry, Charlie ... low 50's does not qualify for "really nice" in my book (unless maybe it's January). You had me going at the "warm balmy 61" though.