06 October 2010

Suh-weet, or so I thought

Because my life is never normal, I just thought I'd share some more about it.
Today is Wednesday.  That means it's an AWANA night for our family.  Ryan was out working cattle way late so we had to re-arrange our schedule a bit.  No biggie though.  I headed out to the school with the boys.  Just as club was getting started, my neighbor boy showed up.  Scott had called him while I was feeding the little kids and I wasn't in on the communication so I was glad to see Aaron show up.  I guess I should talk to them next time cause the neighbors thought I'd pick Aaron up (and I would if it hadn't been for the change is schedule).  They also assumed that since I was here at the school, I could take Aaron home.  Judah was tagging along with me as I volunteered to listen to the clubbers says their sections (verses, etc).  Twenty minutes of time and I could head home with Judah to bake some cookies and get him in bed.  Only now I get to stick around to take Aaron home.  It's worth it to have him here.  He's such a sweet kid. 
I learned tonight that SPARKS (the age-group that Scott is in) is actually an acronym... who knew!  It was a tailgate themed night which was fun except that we don't have football stuff around the house and Scott wasn't dressed up.  Anyway, I listened to kids say sections and Judah sat next to me.  He's such a good kid.  He was quiet and gently rubbing my arm.  I kept telling him how sweet he was as he gave me kisses and snuggled up to me.  When I picked him up, I realized why he'd been so quiet... his pants were soaked down the crotch and insides of the legs.  Nice son.  Now, we can't go home and change you either.
So, I'll grab my laptop since the school has wireless... only I can't get on blogger.  I can't get on facebook.  But, I can post a message via email.  So, I have a real message to post but I can't post it from here and add the pics in like I want.  Shoot.  Maybe later.  In the meantime, I'll get back to my wild trio.

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