14 October 2010

Resonating Thoughts

Three things from yesterday are resonating in my mind:
1. When an middle-aged cranky woman sat at my desk for some planning, I'm so glad I looked past the crankiness knowing that I had no clue what was going on in her life. I ended up hearing about her crankiness: 3 years of chemo treatments one of which had been the day before, painful days and not sure how long she'll hang on. My am I glad I extended grace to her!

2. A friend asked me last night if I was spread to thin. At work or at home? I tried to clarify. Truth be told, it's probably both. Lately when Ryan has been out cutting wood, and working on the honey-do-list, I've felt like I've taken more than my normal load of the family. This means that my normal things still aren't getting done like sewing bags, playing my guitar, etc. Sometimes I like being spread thin but sometimes it does get too thin...

3. Well guys hit water at 115' feet in the test hole last night. Halelujah. More on that later because it's a detailed story about God's faithfulness as we seek Him.

Lessons you can learn from me today:
1. You never know what someone is going through in life. Be kind, you might be the only person to offer love and hope to them.

2. Don't spread yourself too thin. You need time to rest, and time to make yourself available when someone needs you.

3. Look for God working in your life in the little things. He is at work if only you'll acknowledge Him.


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Anonymous said...

One of my high school friends' mother always used to say, "She could be getting a divorce, you know." In other words, you have no idea what is going on with that person who refused to use her turn signal and really pissed you off - so offer up a little grace.