19 October 2010

Harvest Time Fun

Friday night my phone rang and shortly after that we were on our way out to the farm to ride with the Donlon's in the combine. Pictures were tough to capture because it got dark quickly and it was dusty, but there are a few worth sharing.

We started out with Scott and me with Dan in his 4 day old combine. It was lots of fun learning a little about the process of harvesting corn. I had prepared Scott with some questions to ask Dan but Scott came up with his own questions. He even became an extra set of eyes for Dan while he was "unloading on the go" into the grain cart. It was cute to watch him interact with Dan. Meanwhile, Judah was riding with MaryAnn in the tractor pulling the grain cart below:

Eventually, we switched it up. Judah took the captains chair for a brief moment before letting Dan get back to work. Judah wasn't as enthused about the combine but then again it was dark out and about time for Judah to snooze.

Scott didn't have much fun riding in the grain cart. My well mannered child would have never told MaryAnn that "this is boring". Nope, not my son. Okay, maybe so. About that time, the hopper on the combine was full and Dan was ready to dump into the semi. We did just that and the boys were super excited to ride in the semi (aka wrestle in the sleeper) back to the house.

Thank you Dan and MaryAnn for showing us a little bit of what life as a farmer in rural Iowa is all about. We are greatful that you were willing to be inconvenienced, and maybe entertained, for a few hours while you put up with us.

Coming up tomorrow (cause I pre-wrote this one)... fishing trip out to D&M's farm pond!

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