11 March 2010

The Real Me

Bible study is at our house tonight. Will I let them see the real me? The me who hasn't done dishes this week cause I haven't been home one night this week? The me who has laundry, albeit clean, left in baskets next to my bed? The me who had the wood floor refinished in one room but have yet to put anything back in the room? The me who hasn't found my son's Awana book for 3 weeks because I haven't looked? The me who will probably open a package of oreos for snacks that I really want to use for oreo balls instead because I've not planned anything else? The me who bought clothes for our kids, albeit on the clearance rack, even though saving every dollar for adoption is critical right now?

Or will I leave work early to run home, quick clean the living room, grab something for a snack (funny that I accidentally typed nap instead of snack first), and put on a face that will fool the world? They're my friends, they know I'm a crazy busy mom. Am I only fooling myself?

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Lisa said...

I would also be one to try to get my house in order too, even though people say it's OK, and they don't mind - I'm always embarrassed. But... you already spoiled it - if they read your blog, they might chew you out for doing it now. :)

Tonight our Bible study is doing a prayer walk - part of a nation-wide GPS thing (see www.gps2020.net). WAY out of my comfort zone - yikes! Hope you have a nice Bible study tonight, and can relax and delve into the word.