11 March 2010

Mabel's Labels

The other day I posted about this really cool company called Mabel's Labels. As of yesterday, their coolness (is that a word? it is today people) reached a whole new level. I mentioned in my post that I had contacted Mabel's Labels about potential labels for my journey bags and they got right back to me. We had a brief email conversation and this was the last email I received from Martha over at Mabel's Labels:

Hi Tamara,

I just read your blogs – we love it! The whole Customer Service Team has read about Journey Bags and we decided we’d like to help.

Send me your address and we’re going to send you 25 Bag Tags for your Journey Bags – how does that sound? The best part – no charge! Mabel’s Labels would love to help with this project! We think our Bag Tags will look fabulous hanging from the handle of your Journey Bags and we hope you do too!

This is a picture of our Bag Tags. Let me know what you’d like them to say.
You can even pick an icon from our list of 47 and we’ll include that too!

Talk to you soon!

How cool is that? Very cool! I originally contacted them about the labels because I'm considering making the bags to sell in the future. I'm looking for a label like the one on most t-shirts. I wanted them to say "journey bags, stitched in prayer" or something like that. The donated labels will be going on the bags to Ghana. I'm trying to decide what to put on the labels that will be meaningful or encouraging to the children in Ghana that get the bags and labels. Got any ideas? In the mean time, go on over to www.mabel.ca to help me show appreciation for their donation by purchasing a little something.


Patty said...

How great is that!?!? I love it! I'm headed over to Mabel's Labels now to check it out.

iatraveler said...

I have loved working with Mabel's Labels. They are kind, items ship quickly, the quality is terrific and the company is generous.

I love that they did this for you.

Lori said...

What about Judges 18:6. You can look at different versions, but I love this verse. "Go in peace. Your journey has the Lord's approval."

Jamey... said...

This company looks great. After we get home from ET and I start making blankets again I'm hoping to buy tags to sew onto each blanket. I will definitely be checking with them to see if they have something that will work for me!