18 September 2007

Yay, hubby is on his way home

Ryan has been in Kansas City for 5 days getting continuing ed for his veterinarian license. I've been so busy with kids, football games and food that I've hardly had a chance to miss him. Regardless, I'm thrilled that he's on his way home. I miss my honey!

Unfortunately he's not coming home to a clean house. I was up till 11pm last night piddling in Bethany's room (from the dresser painting project that still isn't quite done). I still need to take the trash out, do a few dishes and put laundry away but I just wasn't motivated enough to get up when my alarm went off at 5am! Hopefully I can at least get home and have time to shower and freshen up, maybe even get the red out of my bloodshot eyes, before he walks in the door.



Amy said...

I'm sure he'll just be glad to see you!

Ashley said...

you are pretty every day!