04 September 2007

More quick updates

- We're trying the potty training thing. Scott doesn't care much for it. He pee'd all in my floor last week and I've yet to put him back in underwear.
- My husband was recently asked by an aquaintence to talk to her husband about internet porn. So, while I took her shopping and questioned her faith to see if she knew what she says she believes, Ryan had a friend come over to help facilitate the discussion. It was akward for both of our situations.
- Our small group bible study that started with 6 two years ago is up to 21 and we're splitting up.
- Ryan got me an ipod last month. I have been loving it. It's been my little buddy when I'm washing dishes and folding the laundry when the kiddos are in bed. I'm tempted to buy an armband thingy for it (and a new pair of tennies) and then make myself go running.
- My Grandma and Aunt are coming out on Thursday to visit. They had to blow the surprise to my mom because she was trying to get airline tickets for my other aunt's funeral. I'm super excited to see them.
- I'm bummed that I don't have many pictures of Mocha. You can never take too many pictures, especially with digital cameras.


Fantastagirl said...

I would think the whole conversation for you, your husband etc, would be very awkward. I hope all went well.

Get the armband thingy - I think you will find that it is very handy.

CORI said...

Eeek! Last thing I would want to do is have that convo with anyone I even knew slightly. AWK-ward!

Sorry that Scott is not ready for potty training. I've heard diapers are expensive.

Kristine said...

Aw, I'm so sorry for the rough couple of days/week. I'm sad for you about Mocha!! I hope things settle back in quickly... Thinking of you and praying for you *hug*...

Amy said...

Good luck potty training, we are STILL working on it. Jack just doesn't care and that's what makes it so hard. Let me know if you find any tricks that work.

Ashley said...

i want an ipod! glad you are enjoying it!