09 November 2010

6 months

We're home 6 months and everything is normal. One fun story to share real quick.

So, I speak some phrases to my kids in spanish. I was hesistant to do this when Judah came home because I didn't want him to get confused between English and Spanish. When he was clearly getting English, I started using some spanish with the kids again. Judah hears it but I don't very often speak directly to him in Spanish. When I did so the other day, his response cracked me up.

I asked Judah in Spanish "do you speak English or Spanish?" His reply: "Espanol". It was the cutest thing ever. He has either heard that question before... or he was just repeating the last word I had said. Either way, it was funny hearing spanish out of his mouth.

So, to date, he's not perfected any language but he understands and knows some Wolytinga (his tribal language - found an audio new testament in that language), he understands and knows some Amharic (the Ethiopian national language), is getting really good at English and can even throw some Spanish in there. Funny since most Americans can only speak English.

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Anonymous said...

Cute. Your new pic on your blog is nice too. You need to update your "all about me" to say family of 5! :-) ~~Brenda