06 November 2010

As I sat and watched Toy Story 3 with my family, I wrote several posts in my head (one about my freezing cold but awesome morning working in the field, one about my studly husband, and one about the precious things my children say). Even though I really, really wanted to grab my laptop and begin journaling, I knew that 90 minutes with my kids and their little friends was more important. The one distraction I had took a few minutes of my time. But, it was my brother calling and that rarely happens, so it was a welcomed distraction. Now that the movie is over and the little ones are entertained with popcorn, I’ll take a few brief minutes to share one quick story, an educational one, from my week.

Today Ryan was driving home from gathering wood for the outdoor wood furnace. He was in his old ford pickup. Unsure of whether or not his blinkers worked appropriately, he chose to use a hand signal, as he turned into the driveway. The man following him saw Ryan’s hand signal but didn’t recognize it as a turn signal. As Ryan continued to slow down enough to turn, the man realized a little too late that he wasn’t able to slow down enough. In an effort to not rear-end my wood-cutting husband, he opted to pass Ryan on the shoulder. Only there was one problem. Ryan was turning at the same time. While I appreciate the man’s effort not to hit my husband, I do wish that he knew what hand signals were. While I’m thankful that nobody got hurt, Ryan’s old ford truck took a beating. I’m thankful that our kids weren’t in the truck. I’m thankful that the accident occurred off the side of the state highway on the shoulder. I’m thankful for Deputy Ben who was starting work in 5 minutes and came right over to take the accident report. I’m thankful that Ryan had a load of wood in the truck already that was able to make it home. And I’m thankful for a husband who loves his family and spends his time cutting wood so that I can walk into a warm house!

Now, I’m going to do a quick refresher on hand signals for motor vehicles. It would be wise for all of us to know these.

With that said, it’s time for my daily reading. I’ve really enjoyed my time in the Word. And even on the nights when I don’t start reading until 10pm, I’m thankful that I get a good hour of reading in before I begin to fall asleep. Tonight, having finished the last chapter of Genesis over a lunch break, I’m starting into Exodus. I’m excited to read this book again tonight. Now, off I go.

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