13 November 2010


My son had no more money in his "church" jar. He was eager to do some things to earn some money. I'm eager to teach him to do those things regardless. Him helping with dishes isn't super helpful. But he can help folk laundry. So, we've started with his own. He did a great job today folding all of his own laundry... and managed to earn some change in the process.

Bethany caught on to it too. She likes to help sometimes anyway. So, here's my princess folding her own clothes after she had dressed herself for the morning.

And this picture shows why Bethany has the nickname Laundry. Because she loves to play in the laundry basket.

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J.B.'s Blog said...

Awe...cute kiddos folding laundry. Way to go! I can't wait to come see you guys next weekend. I sure do miss your "laundry" lol. :)