26 November 2010

black friday

Just finished a little black friday shopping at wally*world.  It was a little different than last year.  I had 2 different items in my cart already when I heard over the speaker that sale items were supposed to be touched until midnight.  Oops.  Was I going to walk back over and put them back?  Of course not.  I also found some of the sale items in their regular places so I didn't feel bad about having them in my cart early.  All in all, it was fun.  I'm so thankful that I didn't have to push around a massive trampoline box this year!  In fact, I used a cart, bought stuff, put it in my van and then went back in to check out the movies.  Good times. 
And guess what...
Lord willing, I'll do it again next year.
By the way, I had an excellent Thanksgiving hanging out with family, working on a scrapbook on my computer.  Love family time.  And love that I have 3 more "stay at home days" before I head back to the craziness I call work.  Off to sleep now, that is after I brush the butterfinger grime off my teeth... I know, I know, you really needed to know that.

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