10 November 2010

Way Behind

When you commit to reading the bible in 90 days, you might also ask God to keep you healthy. Between all the craziness in our house and having a cold, I've been more than tired. A few nights I've been asleep before 9pm. If I'm asleep by 9, that's means several other things are a factor:

1. Ryan probably put the kids to bed cause he's amazing like that and
2. I probably didn't get my hours worth of reading in.

So are kids are getting their teeth brushed, read to and prayed with but the reading is lacking. In fact, if I really want to be honest here and confess, I'd share that I'm two days behind on the reading (granted, I haven't read today). That's 26 chapters. And not just any 26 chapters, but twenty six chapters in Leviticus. Whew. That's some catching up to do.

Fortunately, I found on www.biblegateway.com that you can choose an audio version and have it read to you. Awesome! We have the bible on cd which we've put on our ipods in the past but it's really slow and Ryan says it's not good for "catching up". So, I found this bible gateway to be helpful in getting me through a few extra chapters today during lunch. Suhweet! Unfortunately, when I had some quiet time at the church with wireless internet, I thought I'd work on a few things while my chapters were being read to me. I'm all about multi-tasking through Leviticus to catch up. But, it wouldn't work. Must be a setting on my lap top. Shoot. Guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way!

No more blogging for me today.

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